For the Record

18CF071 - Peters, Brett - Burglary, Failure to return from furlough. Case continued to Septermber 20th.


17CF250 - Shadwell, Darien - Aggravated battery, domestic battery, methamphetamine trafficking, methamphetamine delivery, and possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial set for October 9th. Jury trial set for November 5th.


18CF004 - Tucker, Christopher - Criminal sexual assault, trespassing. Conference set for August 29th. Status pre-trial also set for August 30th.


15CF228 - Moyer, Toby - Aggravated battery to child under 13, and domestic battery. 24 months of probation, 77 days in county jail, must stay away from drugs and alcohol, subject to random drug tests.


17CF280 - Wisnasky, Tamara - Operate uninsured motor vehicle, driving on a suspended license, speeding 35+ mph over the limit, and meth delivery 5<15 grams. Pre-trial September 13th. Conference scheduled to September 18th.


17CF212 - Emery, Jeremy - Possession of methamphetamine <5 grams, and resisting police officer. Motion to reduce bail denied.


18CF204 - Dees, Josehp - Nonconsensual sex image, and violation of order after served notice. Preliminary hearing set for September 14th.


18CF069 - Gaydos, Chad - Possession of methamphetamine, operating uninsured motor vehicle, and improper turn signal. Pre-trial scheduled for September 24th.


15CF016 - Klyber, Amanda - Forgery/alteration of document, and driving under the influence. Status on sentencing hearing set for September 24th.


16CF059 - Criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual abuse. 402 conference set for September 11th. Pre-trial set for September 11th.

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