For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 7/5/18

17CF010 - Burke, Robert - Burglary. Pre-trial set for August 20th.


18CF146 - Drum, Shane - Violate order of protection. Pre-trial set for August 9th. Jury trial set for August 13th.


17CF141 - Merritt, Eric - Aggravated battery, great bodily harm. Pre-trial set for July 10th.


18CF128 - Shockley, Dakota - Sexual abuse. Preliminary hearing set for August 9th.


17CF090 - Peters, Brett - Burglary, fail to return from furlough. Case will be continued on July 19th.


18CF017 - Durbin, Holly - Theft control intent, and forgery or alteration of document. Case will be continued October 11th.


17CM038 - Merrifield, Tucker - Domestic Battery. Hearing set for August 31st.


17CF197 - Ostermeier, Shirley - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial set for August 9th. Jury trial set for August 13th.


18CF151 - Karrick, Cynthia - Possession of methamphetamine. Case will be continued July 13th.


17CF169 - Price, Justin - Possession of controlled substance. Court date set for August 21st.


18CM049 - Pruett, Daniel - Theft control intent. Court date set for July 20th.


18CF014 - Possession of controlled substance. Pre-trial set for August 29th.


18CF056 - Davis, Aaron - Possession of methamphetamine. Preliminary hearing scheduled for August 9th.


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