For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 6/28/18

17CF10 - Burke, Robert D - Burglary (4 counts) Pre-trial hearing continued to 7/5/18. Hearing on petition to revoke is scheduled for 8/23/18.


17CF123 - Carroll, Dylan L - Aggravated battery causing great bodily harm. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 8/30/18.


18CF56 - Davis, Aaron B - Possession of methamphetamine. Defendant failed to appear. Notice to appear scheduled for 7/5/18.


18CF69 - Gaydos, Chad M - Possession of methamphetamine. Defendant currently in treatment. Preliminary hearing scheduled for 8/23/18.


18CF134 - Hicks, Tammy L - Possession of methamphetamine. First appearance continued to 7/26/18.


16CF59 - Loflin, Michael P - Criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Hearing on petition to revoke scheduled for 8/23/18.


15CF35 - Mortland, William A - Theft. Bond to apply starting on 8/15/18. Pay or appear hearing scheduled for 10/17/18.


17CF199 - Schumacher, Cody R - Manufacture and delivery of controlled substance. Pre-trial hearin was continued to 8/2/18. Jury trial set for 8/13/18.


18CF90 - Wessling, Erica L - Theft. Defendant requested time to hire counsel. First appearance with counsel scheduled for 7/27/18.




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