For the Record

Marriage Licenses Issued and Provided by Christian County Clerk's Office June 25, 2018

6/12/18:  Justin Patrick Oller of Morrisonville, and Chelsea Marie Davis of Morrisonville


6/13/18:  John Franklin Rude of Illiopolis, and Jeannine Joy Johnson of Taylorville


6/14/18: Kenneth Lloyd Hughes of Stonington, and Ashley Marie Levault of Stonington


6/15/18: Ryan Richard Trelz of Pana, and Allison Rochelle Stupek of Pana


6/15/18: Jimmy Rogers Crisp of Pawnee, and Paula Gale Fenno of Pawnee


6/15/18: Clayton Andrew Langley of Pana, and Sky Amber Halleman of Pana


6/18/18: Robert Franklyn Moore of Shelbyville, and Bonnie Rae Van Ostran of Morrisville


6/21/18: Micheal Wayne Hadley of Witt, and Kelly Marie Kacevicius of Witt


6/22/18: Blake Edward Seaton of Edinburg, and Jana Margaret Held of Edinburg

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