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Christian County Court Cases 6/25/18

15CF162 & 15CF187 - Blades, Jesse D - Aggravated battery with use of deadly weapon, armed violence and 15CF187 Aggravated battery causing bodily harm. Defendant in custody of IDOC. Petition hearing continued to 8/24/18.


17CF279 - Cooper, June A - Delivery of methamphetamine. Both sides are ready for trial. Final pre-trial set for 7/2/18.


17CF185 - Krouse, Jason C - Theft. Negotiated plea was accepted. Defendant plead guilty to theft. He was sentenced to 24mos probation, ordered to pay all fines, fees and restitution, and must undergo drug/alcohol treatment. All traffic cases were dismissed per the plea agreement.


18CF29 - Layton, Ashley M - Forgery. Pre-trial was continued to 8/20/18.


18CF119 - Morrissey, Zachary M - Failure to report change of address of a felon. Preliminary hearing set for 8/16/18.


18CF126 - Muncy, Zachary K - Burglary. Defendant waived arraignment, plead not guilty and demanded a jury trial. Pre-trial set for 7/23/18 and jury trial scheduled for 8/13/18.


18CF46 - Sanders, Darrell Hunter - Aggravated battery of a child under 13. Hearing was continued. Two warrants still outstanding with a return date of 7/12/18.


18CF3 - Shull, Jillian C - Use of debit/credit card, violation of order of protection. Pre-trial was continued to 7/20/18.


18CF136 - Stahl, Robert L - Possession of methamphetamine. Defendant will represent himself. Preliminary hearing set for 8/6/18.




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