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Christian County Court Cases 6/8/18

13CF130 - Christian, Jeremy C - Possession of methamphetamine precursor with out prescription. Defendant failed to appear, warrant was issued and bond was set at $9,000.


16CF67 - Redfern, Emily R - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 6/13/18.


16CF110 - Stephens, Lucas D - Possession of controlled substance. Pre-trial hearing continued to 7/26/18 and defendant must submit to drug and alcohol testing prior to next court date.


16CF228 - Thompson, Antonio L - Possession of controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine. Negotiated plea accepted, defendant plead guilty to count II, unlawful possession of methamphetamine. Per agreement, Count I Possession of controlled substance was dismissed. Defendant was sentenced to 2yrs. first offender probation and 6 days in county jail with credit for 3 days served.


17CF45 & 16CF106 - Page, Vincent B - Possession of methamphetamine. Case was continued for presentation of plea agreement on 6/11/18.


17CF166 - Leach, Audrie L - Theft. Pre-trial hearing continued to 7/26/18.


17CF180 - Fisher, Curtis M - Criminal damage to property, aggravated assault/use of deadly weapon. Pre-trial hearing scheduled 6/11/18


17CF225 - Kinsella, Timothy S - Possession of controlled substance. Negotiated plea approved, defendant pleads guilty and was sentenced to 2yrs. first offender probation and 16 days in county jail with credit for 8 days served. Pay or appear hearing scheduled for 7/8/18.


17CF227 - Emery, Brandon J - Resisting arrest, driving on revoked/suspended license. Pre-trial hearing continued to 9/17/18 and jury trial set for 10/1/18.


18CF93 - Coleman, Dawna Lee - Possession of methamphetamine. Defendant failed to appear. Warrant issued and bond was set at $6,000.

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