For the Record

17CF68 - Abbott, Samantha J - Possession of methamphetamine. Defendant failed to appear. Notice to appear set for 5/29/18.


18CF87 - Allcorn, Sherrie L - Manufacture/delivery of methamphetamine. Sworn testimony was heard and probable cause was found. New public defender was appointed. Defendant waived arraignment, plead not guilty and requested a jury trial. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 5/17/18.


17CF273 - Amos, Wayne H - Aggravated home fraud. Pre-trial hearing continued to 5/25/18.


17CF183 - Benedict, Pamela K - Aggravated battery of police officer. Pre-trial hearing continued to 6/1/18.


16CF156 - Denton, Casey D - Aggravated domestic battery, domestic battery causing harm. Pre-trial hearing continued to 6/7/18 and bond was reduced to $5000.


16CF230 - Durham, Crystal E - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 6/11/18.


13CF200 & 17CF260 - Gatton, Danielle M - Narcotics/Possesssion of controlled substance, burglary. Pre-trial hearing continued to 6/7/18.


16CF66 - Haws, Casey L - Possession of controlled substance, domestic battery. Public defender was appointed. Preliminary hearing scheduled 7/10/18.


17CF225 - Kinsella, Timothy S - Possession of controlled substance. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 6/5/18.


17CF241 - Miller, Gregg A - Possession of controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine. Defendant failed to appear. Notice to appear set for 6/11/18


17CF151, 17CF173 & 17CF203 - Patnode, Scott H - Possession of methamphetamine precursor, Manufacture/delivery of controlled substance, and driving on a revoked/suspended license. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 7/2/18. Jury trial set for 7/16/18.


17CF228 & 18CF60 - Reber, Stephanie E - Identity theft & burglary. Negotiated plea was accepted. Defendant plead guilty to burglary charge. Per plea 17CF228 was dismissed. Defendant was sentenced to 5yrs in IDOC with 2yrs. mandatory supervised release.

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