For the Record

16CF222 & 17CF244 - Bailey, George T - 16CF222- Theft (2 counts) and 17CF244- Receiving/possession of stolen vehicle. Motion to continue jury trial in case 17CF244 granted. Jury trial continued to 8/13/18. Pre-trial hearing for possible plea agreement scheduled for 7/23/18.


17CF232 - Cooper, Cathy L - Possession of controlled substance. Defendant failed to appear. Warrant was issued and bond was set at $10,000.


15CF34 - Davis, Shawn T - Burglary. Public defender was appointed. First appearance with counsel set for 6/14/18.


16CF156 - Centon, Casey D - Aggravated domestic battery, domestic battery with bodily harm. Defendant denied the allegations in a petition to revoke. Motion hearing on bail, scheduled for 5/7/18.


16CF108 - Wiseman, Christina M - Aggravated battery of peace officer, aggravated battery of judge or EMT (2 counts), battery causing bodily harm. Hearing on petition to revoke scheduled for 6/12/18.


17CF280 - Wisnasky, Tamara A - Delivery of methamphetamine. Pre-trial hearing continued to 7/5/18.


16CF56,17CF88,17CF189 - Worker, Curtis L - 16CF56- Criminal damage to government property, 17CF88- driving on revoked license, 17CF189- Aggravated battery of victim 60+. Negotiated plea was accepted. Defendant pleads guilty to criminal damage to gov't property. Per plea agreement, defendant received 1yr probation in case 17CF88 and case 17CF189 was dismissed. Defendant was sentenced to 3yrs. in IDOC and 2yrs mandatory supervised release, to run consecutively with probation in 17CF88.


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