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Christian County Court Cases 3/13/18

18CF51 - Herbord, Owen A - Aggravated DUI/Accident causing death, DUI, Reckless homicide with motor vehicle. Special prosecutor was appointed to lead state's case. Next appearance scheduled for 4/10/18.


14CF128 - Purcell, Aaron D - Possession of controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine manufacturing materials. Jury trial was set for 4/23/18.


15CF178 and 17CF32 - Bland, Zachary T - Manufacture/delivery of cannabis (both charges). Cases were continued for plea agreement on 3/20/18.


16CF4 - Delahunt, Fred L - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial was continued to 4/3/18.


16CF96 - Waddington, Luke W - False report of offense, obstructing identification. Defendant was not in compliance with community service requirements, was given 30 days to complete. Next appearance scheduled for 4/16/18. If remaining hours are completed, Waddington need not appear.


16CF236 - Rose, Danny L - Possession of stolen firearm, possession of methamphetamine, harrassment of animals, unlawful transport of weapon, unlawful possession of wildlife parts. Case was continued to 3/20/18 for possible plea.


17CF17 and 17CF21 - Westerfield, Joshua A - Burglary. Defendant was denied problem solving court, pre-trial scheduled for 4/3/18 and jury trial scheduled for 4/16/18.


17CF113 - Durbin, Sierra M - Theft. Pre-trial was continued to 4/23/18.


17CF130 and 17CF231 - Olive, Gerald L - Aggravated battery, possession of controlled substance. Preliminary hearing set for 3/26/18.


17CF208 - Moore, Cranston D - Aiding/abetting, possession/selling of stolen vehicle. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 4/24/18.


17CF222 - Skinner, Hank W - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial continued to 4/9/18.


17CF268 - Jump, Trisha D - Manufacture and delivery of cannabis. Pre-trial scheduled for 4/16/18.


18CF40 - Cantrell, Dakoda L - Possession of controlled substance. Public defender was appointed. First appearance with counsel and pre-trial scheduled for 4/27/18.


18CF59 - Scott, Larry L - Criminal damage to government property. Defendant already in custody at Christian County jail on other charges. Bond in other case to cover bond on 18CF59. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 3/20/18.


17CF212 and 17CF209 - Emery, Jeremy T - Possession of methamphetamine and theft. Hearing on motion continued to 4/12/18.

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