For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 3/9/18

17CF114 and 17CF296 - Brion, Mackenzie J - Possession of controlled substance, escape of felon. Matter set for possible plea agreement on 3/20/18.


17CF150 - Brumbelow, Ashli N - Delivery of methamphetamine. Motion to continue was granted, pre-trial hearing set for 4/10/18.


18CF31 - Cohan, Shawn E - Trafficking/delivery of methamphetamine. Pre-trial set for 4/23/18.


13CF200 and 17CF260 - Gatton, Danielle M - Possession of narcotics, burglary. Pre-trial hearing continued 4/9/18.


17CF235 - Hamilton, Kasey J - Violation of sex offender registration. Pre-trial was continued to 5/1/18.


18CF20 - Herrmann, Margaret L - Possession of controlled substance. Waived preliminary hearing, plead not guilty. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 5/1/18.


17CF281 - Hott, John L Jr. - Criminal sexual assault. Pre-trial scheduled for 3/26/18.


16CF80 - Lee, Natasha J - Possession of controlled substance. Pre-trial scheduled for 4/23/18. Defendant must report to probation.


17CF237 and 18CF32 - Mount, Nathan - Trafficking/delivery of methamphetamine, aggravated fleeing/eluding. Pre-trial continued to 5/8/18.


18CF53 - Neece, Michael P - Aggravated battery. Continuance of bond reduction hearing scheduled for 3/30/18.


17CF195 - Perry, Michael L - Possession of controlled substance. Per a negotiated plea, defendant plead guilty and was sentenced to 24mos. probation, ordered to undergo substance abuse program with drug testing. Ordered to pay al fines and fees.


17CF250 and 18CF30 - Shadwell, Darien C - Aggravated battery, domestic battery, trafficking/delivery of methamphetamine. Pre-trial continued to 3/29/18.


18CF33 - Steele, Aaron M - Delivery of methamphetamine. Motion to continue was granted, pre-trial scheduled for 4/24/18.