For the Record

Christian County Court Cases 3/8/18

17CF27 - Allen, Noah, L - Delivery of methamphetamine. Pre-trial was continued to 3/15/18.


17CF276 - Beishir, Joseph, G - Domestic battery. Motion to continue was granted, Pre-trial scheduled for 4/5/18.


17CF123 - Carroll, Dylan, L - Aggravated battery with bodily harm. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 4/5/18.


18CF21 - Douglas, Deandre - Burglary. Preliminary hearing scheduled for 3/20/18.


17CF263 - Hinds, Tanette, L - Manufacture/delivery of cannabis. Preliminary hearing was continued to 4/26/18.


17CF185 - Krouse, Jason, C - Theft. Pre-trial was continued to 4/5/18.


17CF158 - Malone, David, A - Threatening of a public official. Motion to continue pre-trial and jury trial was granted. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 4/3/18.


17CF270 - Middleton, Dustin, W - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial was continued to 4/24/18.


18CF9 - Newingham, Preston, J - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial was continued to 5/10/18.


17CF195 - Perry, Michael, L - Possession of controlled substance. Case was continued for possible plea agreement on 3/9/18.


17CF199 - Schumacher, Cody, R - Manufacture/delivery of controlled substance. Pre-trial was continued to 4/26/18.


17CF184 & 18CF27 - Schilling, Michael, P - Predatory criminal sexual assault.  Public defender was appointed and preliminary hearing scheduled for 4/3/18.


17CF261 - Sparling, Joseph, R - Burglary. Defendant currently in IDOC. Preliminary hearing scheduled for 4/26/18.


18CF33 - Steele, Aaron, M - Delivery of methamphetamine. Motion hearing continued to 3/9/18.


16CF228 - Thompson, Antonio, L - Pre-trial hearing continued to 3/15/18



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