For the Record

18CF19 - Weller, Dean P - Possession of methamphetamine. Preliminary hearing set for 2/6/18


15CF238 - Benavides, Anthony D - Possession of narcotic. Case was continued for possible plea agreement on 2/1/18


17CF168 - Dilley, Delany S - Methamphetamine precursor. Pre-trial hearing continued to 3/6/18


17CF106 - Hapner, Holly M - Theft & Possession of controlled substance. Pre-trial hearing continued to 3/16/18


16CF234 - Humphrey, Laura A - Possession of methamphetamine & possession of drug paraphenalia. First appearance continued to 4/6/18


17CF115 - Lynch, Joshua L - Theft, 3 counts. Defendant plead guilty to charge and was admitted to problem solving court. If defendant fails to comply may face jail time.


17CF197 - Ostermeier, Shirley D - Possession of methamphetamine. Preliminary hearing continued 3/1/18


17CF190 - Rodgers, Markes N - Murder/intent to kill & aggravated discharge of a firearm. Per a plea agreement, defendant plead guilty to aggravated discharge of a firearm. Charge of murder/intent to kill was dismissed per same plea agreement. Max penalty could be up to 13 years. Sentencing hearing 3/15/18


16CF110 - Stephens, Lucas D - Possession of controlled substance. Matter continued to 3/15/18


17CF213 - Vail, Randy L - Domestic battery. Charges were dismissed.

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