For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard in the Christian County Court on Thursday, June 22nd:


16CM194 - David L. Haubner - Child Endangerment - Pre-trial. Defense asks for bench trial. Bench trial set for Thursday, August 10th at 1:15 p.m.


17CF071 - Josh D. Hill - Meth Delivery between 15 and 100 grams and Meth Delivery between 5 and 15 grams - Preliminary hearing is waived. Formal arraignment is waived, only a pre-trial set up at this point. Next pre-trial scheduled for July 27th at 10 a.m.


15CF112 - James C. Luetzow - Theft between $500 and $10,000, Criminal Damage to Property between $300 and $10,000, and Possession of a Controlled Substance - Petition to Revoke / Pre-trial. Petition to Revoke hearing scheduled for July 20th at 1:15 p.m.


17CM055 - David A. Younker - Criminal Trespassing to Land - First appearance. Will seek counsel. First appearance with counsel set for July 27th at 10 a.m.


17CF015 - Anthony Benavides - Criminal Damage to School between $300 and $10,000 and Criminal Damage to Property less than $300 - Pre-trial. Case pushed back to Thursday, July 6th at 10 a.m.


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