For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Thursday, March 16th at the Christian County Courthouse.


17CF008 - Bright, Justin M - PreTrial - Defense moves to continue until Monday. State and defense working on a negotiated disposition that defense believes will be completed on Monday. Set for March 20th.


17CF002 - Fuller, Treylon L - Appearance with Counsel - Next court date set for April 28th for prelim hearing.


16CF059 - Loflin, Michael P - Plea - Sex offender evaluation needs to be done before a plea can be accepted. Defense says it looks like a plea will be reached, however it may take a few weeks. State asks for 60 days. Matter continued until May 11th. Court also enters order for the evaluation.


16CF010 - Sams, Joshua M - Status - Defense waives arraignment on new charge, and enters a plea of not guilty. State will make an offer to defense to settle both charges. Next court date set for March 30th.

16CF237 - Stimac, Bradley S - PreTrial - State makes formal motion to nolly. Case dismissed.

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