For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Wednesday, March 2nd at the Christian County Courthouse.


17CF008 - Bright, Justin M - PreTrial - State and defense possibly able to arrive to a negotiated disposition. Defense asks for continuance to work on it. Set for March 16th for pretrial.


16CF185 - Orzel, Jake K - Prelim Hearing - Defendant waives prelim hearing. Waives formal arraignment and enters a plea of not guilty. Next court date set for April 4th.


16CF106 - Page, Vincent B - PreTrial - Defendant pleads guilty as charged to count 1. Placed on 4 years probation with additional terms and conditions to apply. Will also serve some time in jail.


15CF218 - Prakel, Richard D - PTR/PreTrial - Defendant admitted to PTR violations, but hasn’t been sentenced yet. Defense has bond motion to hear. Defendant previously posted $3,500. Can come up with $4,000 new money for a total of $7,500 bond. Defense asks for release on a reduced bond. Doesn’t believe defendant is a flight risk. State feels that bond is set appropriately due to defendant continuing to commit crime. Defense argues that none of the charges are violent, and think electronic home confinement would be fine. Motion for bond reduction denied. State may file more charges, but needs more time and asks for 2 weeks. No objection from defense. Set for March 23rd for further pretrial.

17CF37 - Pinnell, Nathan - Appearance with Counsel - Prelim hearing set for May 1st.

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