For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Monday, February 27th at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF127 - Horn, Patricia H - Status - Defense asked file to be brought up because there isn’t a court date set. Court sets a notice to appear for March 30th.


17CF012 - Jenkins, Bradley S - Appearance with Counsel - Defense hasn’t hired an attorney yet. Asks for another extension of 30 days. No objection from the state. Set for Appearance with Counsel for March 27th.


17CF014 - King, Robert L - First Appearance - Defendant read charges and possible penalties and rights. State not seeking any bond. Defense requests a month to hire an attorney. Next court date set for April 3rd.


14CF182 - Klauser, Jodie M - PTR/First Appearance - State has spoken with defendant twice. Issue is money owed. Defendant has agreed to a new payment order beginning in March, and defendant will remain on probation until balance is paid.


16CF073 - Krouse, Jacob C - Plea - Defense pleads guilty to count 2 and will be sentenced to 2 years of probation. Count 1 dismissed. Defendant will have his probation moved to the Springfield office. Court accepts plea.


16CF002 - Price, Gregory L - Status - State has called up base on information they had that the first sentencing order had an error in it. Had a 2 year MSR instead of a 4 year MSR. State has an amended order ready. Defendant not agreeable to the change in sentence, and state isn’t ready to settle matter today. Defense asks for a new court date for 90 days. Court appoints defendant his old lawyer. Set for May 4th for further status.

16CF044 - Sklenka, Brett M - Plea - Pretrial continuance to March 6th. State will file additional charges for the case, but will leave the original offer open to defense.

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