For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Monday, January 30th, at the Christian County Courthouse.


14CF182 - Klauser, Jodie M - PTR/First Appearance - State alleges that defendant has failed to pay the fines and court costs associated with his probation, and that the last payment was made in May. Defendant asked for time to speak with the state regarding the matter.

17CF018 - Rensman, Kevin M - First Appearance - Defendant charged with aggravated battery, causing great bodily harm. Defendant eligible for extended term sentencing, meaning defendant could face 2-10 years in the Illinois DOC with 1 year of mandatory supervised release. Also charged with an unlawful violation of an order of protection. Could face up to 364 days in prison. State argues for probable cause for bond to be set at $100,000, with special terms and conditions to apply, saying that officers responded to a call, and found victim in the case to be tending to a wound that was bleeding extensively. Said the accused became angry with him due to him speaking with an ex girlfriend of the accused, and stabbed him. A knife was recovered from the defendant. State also requested court to review the details of the OP order that was violated, and said that due to testimony from witnesses, they believe that drugs or alcohol were a factor in the matter as well. Court sets bond at $50,000 with special conditions to apply. Public defender appointed. Defendant did say that he was struck with a pipe by the other party in the battery charge. Next court date set for January 31st.

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