For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Thursday, January 26th, at the Christian County Courthouse.


2014CF0009 Jacob G. Fahl - Pre Trial for Criminal Damage to Property - Postponed to 02/14


2016CM0125 Amelia R. Akins - Pre Trial for Retail Theft -Defendant currently under counseling that attorney said could affect outcome of the case. Case moved to March 14th at 10am


2016CF0086 Jerry D. Archer - Appearance with Counsel - Scheduled preliminary hearing for March 23rd at 10am.


2015CF0034 Shawn T. Davis - Pre Trial for Burglary - Petition to revoke probation filed yesterday. Judge Pasley asked for substantial progress and change on defendant’s part to show improvement based on past charges, otherwise there will be a sentencing hearing to possibly be sent to Department of Corrections. The court reminded Davis that they do not have interest in sending him to prison, but they need effort on the defendant’s part to show an improvement and interest in getting help with drug addiction. Defendant admitted 2nd amended petition to revoke probation, Sentencing Hearing set for March 23rd at 1:15pm.


2017CF0001 Thomas MJ. Foster - Preliminary Hearing - Defendant requested Pre Trial. Next notice to appear is March 13th at 10am.


2013CF0220 Trent A. Lebon - Pre Trial for Criminal Sexual Assault - Defendant, per attorney is in compliance with all State's wishes and completed sex offender counseling. Pre trial hearing set for February 16th at 10am.


2016CF0106 Vincent B. Page - Pre trial for Meth Manufacturing - Hearing set for February 23rd at 10am.


2016CM0220 Dana. R Perkins - First Appearance - Defendant proceeded to plead not guilty and ask for jury trial which is scheduled for March 14 at 10am.



2016CF0126 - 2017CM0021 Dwain E. Sarver - Pre Trial & Appearance with Counsel for charge of Battery of a Peace Officer & Resisting a Peace Officer - Defendant plead guilty to the Class 2 felony and was sentenced to the Department of Corrections for 3 years, followed by 2 years of mandatory supervised released with credit for 30 days served. Misdemeanor in this case is dismissed as a part of the guilty plea. No fines recorded in this case after a previous bond was posted so those monies will be refunded to the party that originally posted the bond.

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