For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Monday, January 23rd at the Christian County Courthouse.

16CF237 - Stimac, Bradley S - Prelim Hearing - State calls Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler. Says he was conducting surveillance in reference to a narcotics trafficking call, when he saw defendant exit a vehicle at the residence he was watching. Asked dispatch to do a warrant check and discovered a warrant for defendant. Wheeler activated his body camera and conducted a traffic stop, and placed defendant under arrest. Says defendant seemed nervous and that he was under the influence. Asked defendant if there was anything in the car. Defendant initially said no, but later indicated that there was meth in the center console. A search was conducted and police recovered several bags of meth. Says defendant said he was selling meth to make money and support his habit. Defense asked Chief Wheeler read him his “Miranda rights”, and Chief Wheeler says that he had not. Says defendant voluntarily gave information on the drugs. Says the search was conducted on the vehicle due to that information. State asks probable cause to be found due to the testimony from Chief Wheeler. Defense makes no argument to probable cause. Court finds probable cause. Defense waives formal arraignment and request trial by jury. Set for pretrial on February 7th.

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