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Christian County Court Cases 12/13/16

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Tuesday, December 13th at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF217 - Bayne, Markee M - Prelim Hearing - Motion by state to nolly the charge. Court allows it.


16CF229 - Ferguson, Brian K - Motion to Reduce Bail - Motion for bond reduction as well as a motion to have a psych evaluation done. No objection from state for motion for evaluation to be done by a psychiatrist. Motion granted. Defendant testifies on motion for bond reduction. Testified that he’s lived in Pana his whole life, and would continue to stay there upon release. He does have a prior criminal record, but has completed parole, and hasn’t committed any other offenses, and has never failed to appear in court. Defendant says he has no ability to post bond, and that he is receiving social security and disability, and if he is incarcerated he will lose those benefits. Would agree to electronic monitoring should he be released. Defense asks for bond to be set in an amount the defendant can pay, or to be released on recognizance. State disagrees with any bond reduction, reiterating the seriousness of the case and the defendant’s prior record. Also stated how defense started to make a scene upon entering court this morning. Motion for bond reduction denied. Court believes based on the seriousness of the offenses that bond is appropriate. Prelim hearing set for the December 16th.


16CF235 - Floyd, Joshua T - Motion to Reduce Bail - Defendant has bonded out so the motion for bond reduction is no longer necessary. Case reset for January 3rd.


13CF200 - Gatton, Danielle M - Status - State given a violation report. State requests PTR to be filed due to an outstanding balance that needed to be paid off. Defendant hopes to use her income tax to pay a portion of the balance, and hopes to have the rest of the balance paid off by May. State agreeable to continue PTR and leave the matter pending until she can pay something with her income tax. State requests a payment plan be set up. Payment plan set up, with first payment set for January 1st. Payment review set for March 1st.


16CF127 - Horn, Patricia H - PreTrial - Defendant has indicated to defense that she is ill and couldn’t appear in court. No previous FTAs by defendant. Matter moved to January 17th.


16CF234 - Humphrey, Laura A - Motion to Reduce Bail - Agreement reached for bond reduction. Bond currently set at $20,000. Both parties agree to reduce bond to $5,000 with conditions to apply upon release, due to defendant having no prior felony record.


16CF094 - Nagle, Tommie E - PreTrial - State and defense discussing a settlement. Asks for further pretrial for a February setting. Set for further pretrial February 13th.


16CF195 - Price, Timothy S - Plea - Plea not worked out yet. Defense asks for plea date after first of the year. Set for January 17th.


16CF218 - Sizemore, Jamie D - Prelim Hearing - Defense asks for continuance of the matter for after the first of the year. Set for January 10th.


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