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Christian County Court Cases 12/12/16

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Monday, December 12th at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF162 - McKinnon, Angela - Motion to Reduce Bond - Defendant testified that she has lived in Christian County her whole life, as well as her education completed. Said if allowed a recognizance bond she would live with her grandparents in Kincaid. Also testified that her previous employer has indicated that they would bring her back if released, and that she would only use a car to get to and from work, and will agree to wear an ankle bracelet and will comply with all drug treatment. Also said she’s been a positive influence while incarcerated, and that corrections officers have complimented her on such. Said she would also stay in contact with the probation department for all drug screenings and to make sure she’s complying with all release conditions. State asked questions regarding her residence should she be released, her relationship, and her employment. Also testified that she has no income or savings. Defense argued that bond was set due to the Class X felony that has since been dismissed, and they wish for bond to be set in regards to the charge she’s since plead guilty to. Defense asks for a recognizance bond with release conditions to apply including a monitoring device and orders to report to probation for drug testing, and stated that she presents no evidence that she would be a flight risk. State says that a recognizance bond isn’t appropriate due to the fact that it’s still a class 2 felony. State has no objection to a reduction of bond to $100,000 or 10% to apply, with conditions of no drugs or alcohol to apply. Also argued prior evidence presented during prelim hearing that she doesn’t intend to change her behavior, and that heroin addicts often overdose once released, and that the fact that she would stay with her grandparents once released is worrying considering that’s where she lived when the offense took place. Defense argues that for class 2 felonies from first offenders, recognizance bonds aren’t unusual, and that even a $100,000 bond would be unusual. State says they would file a source of bond motion regardless of who posts bond. Court grants motion to reduce bond to $100,000 with special terms and conditions to remain.


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