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Christian County Court Cases 12/5/16

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Monday, December 5th at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF092 - Patnode, Danielle E - PreTrial - Defense trying to work out conditions of electronic home confinement. Defense moves to continue until Thursday.


16CF193 - Cunningham, Matthew Z - Status - Recently placed on probation in a different case. State makes a motion to dismiss case. No objection from defense. Case dismissed.


16CF233 - Girard, Jennifer A - First Appearance - Defendant read charges and possible penalties. State seeking bond, and read evidence for probable cause to be found, stating how officers with the Taylorville Police Department stopped defendant on a traffic stop, where defendant gave a false name, and was placed under arrest. Officers while arresting defendant found substance that tested positive for methamphetamine on her person. Court finds probable cause and sets bond at $20,000. Defense requests public defender. Public defender assigned. Next court date set for Tuesday at 10am.


16CF162 - McKinnon, Angela - Partial plea - Defendant pleads guilty to count 2. Count 1 dismissed. State has discussed the plea with the mother of the victim, and state says she understands reason for count 2 plea, and is on board with the state’s plea recommendation. Police Chief Wheeler with the Kincaid police department has also indicated that he’s on board. Count 2 is a class two felony, which holds a prison sentence of 3-7 years, followed by 2 years of mandatory supervised release. Could also be fined up to $200,000. Defendant also explained to by court that the possible sentence for Count 1 would have required up to 75% of the sentence served, while count 2 holds a required time served of 50%. State gave factual basis behind the plea agreement, saying that if the case were to go to trial, the state would provide evidence from the testimony of Kincaid Police Chief Wheeler during the preliminary hearing, as well as other parties involved in the case, including the mother of the victim. Other evidence would have been shown as well including information from McKinnon’s Facebook profile and text message records acquired through a search warrant that indicated that McKinnon sold heroin to victim prior to the victim’s overdose, and that she was worried she’d be charged with murder once she learned of victim’s death. Defense disputes any and all connections in factual basis read by state that attempts to connect McKinnon to victim’s passing, and will fight that connection during sentencing. State responds that there’s more than enough evidence for Count 2, and the rest can be taken up during sentencing. Court finds a factual basis for the guilty plea on Count 2. Court orders pre-sentencing investigation. Sentencing set for January 26th at 1:15pm. Defense has filed a motion for bond reduction for release on recognizance bond, with a motion hearing set for Monday, December 12th.

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