For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Monday, October 17th at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF186 - Barger, Brendan T - PreTrial - Defense nearly ready for trial. Jury trial set for November 7th. Defense asked for further pretrial to make sure witnesses are ready. Pretrial set for October 31st.


16CF187 - Beaty, Michael W - PreTrial - Defense and state in process of negotiated disposition. Defense asked for continuance to allow time to discuss the case. January 5th date set for pretrial. Jury Trial continued to January 30th.


15CF134 - Clay, Ryan E - First Appearance - FTA, although was present for 9am traffic. State requests consolidated scheduling order so it can track with traffic issues for defendant.  


16CF193 - Cunningham, Matthew Z - NTA - FTA. State requested warrant issued for Christian and surrounding. Defense objects, due to him speaking to defendant previously, and was surprised he wasn’t here. Court grants state’s request for warrant due to previous FTA.


16CF147 - Cushing, Lyndon J III - Status - Defense has made a drug court referral. Assessment not complete yet. Defense asked for further status. Further status set for November 1st.


16CF155 - Dunham, Toby A - PreTrial - Defense in being held in Macon County jail on a civil matter that's nearly wrapped up. Defense and state wish to continue the matter until that case is concluded to find out what the outcome is. Further pretrial set for November 4th.


16CF188 - LeCocq, Tyler P - PreTrial - Defense moves to continue pretrail and jury trial. Further discovery and reports needed by defense. January 30th for jury trial. Further pretrial date set for January 6th.


15CF246 - Miller, Truett C - PreTrial - Defense and state close to a negotiated disposition. Requested a continued January date for Pretrial and Jury Trial. Set for pretrial January 6th and Jury Trial January 31st.


16CF167 - Neece, Michael P - NTA - Defendant indicated that his aunt is sick and could not appear. Asked for a continuance. State asked for a further NTA. Set for November 21st.


16CF121 - White, Michael D - PreTrial - Defense requested 16CF121 to track with 16CF182.

16CF182 - White, Michael D - Prelim Hearing - Defense waives prelim hearing. Waived formal arraignment and entered plea of not guilty. Requested trial by jury. Set for January 30th. Defense will also file a motion to suppress. Further pretrial set for December 1st.

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