For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Friday, October 14th at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF154 - DeClerck, Mallory N - Prelim Hearing - Defendant waives prelim hearing. Defense waives formal arraignment and enters plea of not guilty. Request pretrial for next week for possible plea. Judge also recuses himself from further proceedings. October 20th for pretrial.


16CF156 - Denton, Casey D - PreTrial - State made defense offer, and defense has not been able to relay it to defendant. Defense asked for continuance. October 21st date set for further pretrial.


16CF122 - Peters, Cathy C - PreTrial - Defense has negotiated plea. Defense pleads guilty to count 2. Count 1 dismissed. Defendant placed on two years of probation. Sentenced to 12 days in Christian County Jail, and assessed $1,000 general fine. Defendant will make payments to pay down balance.

16CF165 - Reiss, Chad M - PreTrial - Defense received a supplemental disclosure today. Defense has also not recieved several documents pertinent to the case. State says they will get those to the defense today. Court also granted motion for state to disclose confidential informant in the case. Defense requested further pretrial for when Judge Paisley returns to court. Set for October 24th for further pretrial.

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