For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Monday, October 3rd at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF072 - Arkebauer, Scott W - PreTrial - State needed to amend charges due to a new law regarding cannabis. Negotiated plea reached. Defendant pleads guilty for misdemeanor charge, and will pay a $700 fine for $50 a month. Felony charge dismissed.


16CF178 - Baker, William H III - Prelim Hearing - Officer testified about dispute he responded to between defendant and another party. Said there was a mention of weapons and he requested other officers. Said defendant was not at the location when he arrived, and showed up while he was talking with other party. Said defendant was aggressive and demanded he speak with him first. Said defendant made threatening demands towards other party. Officers later spoke with defendant at his own residence where defendant made vague threads towards officers, eventually leading to a specific enough threat to arrest defendant. State requested court to find probable cause due to testimony from the officer. Defense argued that a general threat towards law enforcement officers is not enough to bring up a threatening a public official charge. Court finds probable cause. January 9th date set for jury trial. Pretrial set December 12th.


16CF076 - Coy, Jeremy R - PreTrial - Case dismissed. 90% of bond will be reimbursed.


16CF058 - Crowder, Christian E - PreTrial - Defendant in in-patient treatment, and due to get out in early November. Defense asked for case to be continued. December 8th date set for pretrial.


16CF127 - Horn, Patricia H - Prelim Hearing - Defendant waives prelim hearing rights. Next court date November 21st for pretrial.


16CF080 - Lee, Natasha J - PreTrial - Defense and state may possibly have a negotiated plea. Asked for motion to continue due to an issue in Macon County. Next court date set for November 28th.


16CF158 - Merritt, John D - PreTrial - Defense makes motion to move trial date. Jury date set for December 5th. Pretrial set for October 25th.


15CF084 - Osgood, Phillip P - PTR/PreTrial - PTR withdrawn. Previous probation conditions continue to apply.

16CF140 - Tucker, Matthew C - Prelim Hearing - Defense motions to continue prelim hearing. Next court date set for November 4th.

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