For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Friday, September 9th at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF157 - Allen, Brandy S - Prelim Hearing - Defendant waives preliminary hearing. December 5th for Jury trial. November 14th for further pretrial.


15CF175 - Allen, Brandy S - PreTrial - November 14th for further pretrial.


16CF186 - Barger, Brendan T - Prelim Hearing - Defense waives preliminary hearing. Requests jury trial. Jury trial set for November 7th. October 17th for pretrial. Defense also filed motion to reduce bond. Defense needs to speak with state on the potential bond request. Bond motion set for September 12th.


16CF187 - Beaty, Michael W - Prelim Hearing - Defendant waiving preliminary hearing. Pretrial set for October 17th.


16CF006 - Branham, Clifford D - PreTrial - Defense thought they would have a negotiated plea, but do not. Asked for a jury trial date. Set for jury trial October 11th.


16CF103 - Cain, Steven J - PreTrial - State made an offer in the case. Defense asks for further pretrial for time to go over the offer with the Defendant. Set for September 23rd.


16CF147 - Cushing, Lyndon J - PreTrial - Defense moved for motion to continue jury trial. Requested matter to be set for status in about two weeks. Set for September 28th.


16CF163 - Logsdon, Bobbie J - PreTrial - State has made an offer to defense. Defense working to sort out details of offer. Matter reset for pretrial October 27th.


11CF183 - Suggs, Nicholas L - First Appearance - Court had issued warrant for defendant’s arrest with monetary bond. Sangamon County Sheriff’s office had arrested Suggs and released him on a recognizance bond. Court issues a notice to appear for October 11th.

15CF009 - Swinburne, Kristopher M - PreTrial - Defense has switched probation offices, and has been visiting counseling. Hasn’t had contact with new probation officer yet. Ordered to report to probation today to get records up to date. Defense requested matter to be set for further pretrial.

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