For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on Friday, August 26th at the Christian County Courthouse.


15CF238 - Benavides, Anthony D - Plea - Defendant asked for opportunity to present plea on August 30th. Reset for possible plea August 30th.


15CF185 - Fitzgerald, Aaron D - PreTrial - Defendant asks for trial date and further pretrial date. Jury trial set for November 7th. Further pretrial set for September 29th.


13CF220 - Lebon, Trent A - PTR/First Appearance - Defendant will fill out a financial affidavit to determine whether or not he qualifies for public defender. Court date set for September 27th for further review on that financial affidavit.


12CF142 - Linton, Lloyd W - PTR/First Appearance - State withdraws PTR.


14CF126 - Moma, Travis S - PTR/First Appearance - Defendant requested public defender. No objection from state. Public defender appointed. Next court date September 27th.

14CF128 - Purcell, Aaron D - PTR/First Appearance - Defendant requested public defender. Public defender appointed. First appearance with counsel set for September 26th.

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