For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard on 08/15/2016 at The Christian County Courthouse.


16CF181 - Pugsley, Cody M - Motion to reduce bail - Defense argued that state must show probable cause beyond a reasonable doubt that the act of battery was done without justifiable reason. Stated how defendant did not initiate the physical contact with the victim, and that the victim was the initial aggressor. State argued that the defense sounded more like an argument to dismiss, and said how probable cause has already been found and bond set. Said how victim was sent from Taylorville Memorial Hospital to the trauma center in Springfield, and how that helps show that excessive force was used. Court denied the motion stating how the defendant has other pending cases failure to appears.


16CF067 - Redfern, Emily R - Negotiated Plea - Defendant pleads guilty as charged to 1st charge. Will be placed on 2 years probation, and sentenced to Christian County correctional facility for 244 days with credit for 122 days served. Drug counseling must be completed before being released. Defendant will have the felony kept off her record if she complies with all demands in the plea.

16CF166 - Reiss, Stephen L. - Motion to Reduce Bail - Defense testified on the motion. Stated that should he be released he would stay in Christian County. Said how he currently cannot raise enough funds to post bond. Has made all previous court dates and never had a warrant for failure to appear. Asked for bond to be reduced to $10,000. Testified that he doesn’t have a history of violence. Defense argued that the charge doesn’t involve violence, and how there is no history of violence with the defendant. Defense also stated that the case against the defendant is a weak one at best due to lack of direct evidence linking defendant to the charge. State argued how they plan to file an additional charge against defendant, and that probable cause was found in the case. Matter continued until August 25th due to State’s plan to file additional charges.

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