For the Record

For The Record 6/30/16

These are the results of the following court cases heard on 6/30/2016 at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF162 - McKinnon, Angela N. - First Appearance - Defendant provided copy of charges of delivering heroin to victim later died of a drug overdose. Class X Felony. State argued for bond, stating how officers with the Kincaid police department responded to a call from grandfather of charles stevens stating how charles was unresponsive. Said they checked for a pulse, where there wasn’t one. Found in bedroom with body was hypodermic needle with other drug related paraphernalia. Charles stevens had come out to family about being a heroin addict and was trying to overcome addiction. Investigations launched and search warrants issued. Kincaid PD learned defendant had sold Stevens heroin on many occasions, and had obtained text messages from defendant discussing sale of heroin to stevens. Defendant had stated in phone calls with boyfriend that she was worried about being charged for the death, that she felt it was her fault, and that she was trying to figure out a way to blame someone else. Bond set at $1,000,000 with conditions on release to no consumption of alcohol or other drugs, subject to random testing, and prohibited from entering locations that primarily sell alcohol. Defendant stated she wished to hire private counsel. Next court date set for July 15th at 10am.


16CF161 - Bottoms, Wade M - Motion to reduce bail - bond motion continued.


14CF154 - Boyle, Joshua Zachary - PTR/First Appearance - Defendant suggested pretrial for beginning of August. Court date set for August 11th for pre-trial.


16CF047 - Farley, Christopher R - Prelim Hearing - Witness with Edinburg Police Department testified that he was operating a handheld radar and clocked defendant doing 41 in a 30mph zone. Stated that defendant did not have a valid driver's license. Said that there was a strong odor of cannabis in the defendant's vehicle. Said defendant had told him that he had rolled a blunt, and admitted that he had hidden cannabis in the driver's seat, and was given permission to search vehicle by defendant. Witness testified that he had found cannabis in defendant's vehicle, along with other edibles and drug related paraphernalia. Evidence sent to crime lab and tested positive for cannabis.


14CF120 - Sloan, Brett M - PTR/Pre-Trial - Pretrial and Jury Trial continued to August 5th and August 15th.


16CF063 - Sloan, Brett M - Pre-Trial - Pretrial and Jury Trial continued to August 5th and August 15th.


16CF118 - Thompson, Gary E - Prelim Hearing - state received signed affidavit. Case terminated.

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