For the Record

For The Record 6/6/16

On Monday 6/6/16 the following court cases were heard in the Christian County Courthouse.


14CF065 - Akins, Ashley N - PTR/First Appearance.


15CF216 - Russle, Dylan J - Pre-Trial


16CF095 - Burkey, Del L Jr - Appearance with Counsel


16CF145 - Burton, Jerry L - Appearance with counsel - Requested prelim hearing. Prelim hearing set for June 28th.


16CF103 - Cain, Steven J - Pre-Trial - Defendant motioned for pre trial and jury trial  to be continued. Set for June 17th.


16CF005 - Coen, Kimberly S - Status Hearing


14CF024 - Coleman, Colby D - PTR/Pre-Trial


15CF200 - Coleman, Colby D - Pre-Trial


16CF076 - Coy, Jeremy R - Pre-Trial


16CF142 - Dilley, Tristan L - Motion to reduce bail - Defense moved motion until after prelim hearing on June 23rd.


16CF131 - Click, Randy L - Pre-Trial


15CF201 - Jenkins, Nicole L - Pre-Trial - Failed to appear. FTA Warrant issued.


16CF031 - Jenkins, Nicole L - Pre-Trial - Failed to appear. FTA Warrant issued.


16CF050 - Kamalii, Dusty D - Notice to Appear


16CF144 - Karrick, Cynthia R - Appearance with Counsel


16CF007 - Kohl, Jay P - Pre-Trial


14CF033 - Mulvaney, Jason L - PTR/Pre-Trial


13CF213 - Stephens, Colt A - First Appearance


16CF139 - Stephens, Colt A - First Appearance


15CF247 - Stone, Ashley N - Appearance with Counsel - Defendant requested prelim hearing. Set for June 30th.


15CF231 - Taylor, Kevin M - Negotiated Plea


13CF112 - Wehner, Jessica S - PTR/Pre-Trial


16CF121 - White, Michael D - Appearance with Counsel

16CF143 - Williams, Marciano - Motion to Reduce Bail - Defendant argued that he could pay 10% of a $2000 bond. Argued that it was a minor theft only elevated to a felony due to prior record. State argued that due to prior record bond shouldn’t be reduced. Motion denied without prejudice.

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