For the Record

For The Record 5/27/16

The following cases were heard on 5/27/2016 at the Christian County Courthouse.


15CF226 - Bain, Joshua E. - Status Hearing

16CF048 - Cowell, Douglas W. - PTR/Pre-Trial

12CF173 - Crossin, Jessica L. - PTR/Pre-Trial

16CF015 - Emerson, Nathan M. - Pre-Trial

16CF078 - Foraker, Ronee N. - Pre-Trial

16CF123 - Pieper, Stephanie A. - Prelim Hearing

16CF067 - Redfern, Emily R. - Pre-Trial

16CF126 - Sarver, Dwain E. - Prelim Hearing

13CF123 - Wilson, Michael R. - PTR/Pre-Trial

16CF056 - Worker, Curtis L. - Pre-Trial



The Christian County Courthouse reports the following Divorces 5/27/2016


James Arthur Smith and Elizabeth Ann Mcleod-Smith, Assumption

Kenneth R. Walker and Judith Ann Walker

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