For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases heard Friday in the Christian County Courthouse.


15CF209 - Howard, Randall M. - First Appearance - NTA for May 17th issued.


16CF070 - Noe, Robert J. - First Appearance - Filed financial affidavid to request public defender. Public defender appointed. Next court date May 23rd.


16CF002 - Price, Gregory L. - Pre-Trial - Defendant filed motion for bond reduction. Case continued until April 21st for pre-trial and motion on bond reduction.


15CF188 - Smith, Harley L. - Pre-Trial - Defendant pleaded guilty as charged. Placed on 2 years probation. $25 per month probation fee.


15CF123 - Thompson, Gary M. Jr - Pre-Trial - Negotiated guilty plea. Count 1 dismissed. Defendant sentenced to 18 months probation.

15CF115 - Tish, Timothy J. - PTR/First Appearance -  Defendant admitted to petition to revoke. Probation terminated. Defendant sentenced to 45 days in county jail with 3 days applied.

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