For the Record

For the Record 4/12/2016

These are the results of the following court cases on Tuesday at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF0103 - Cain, Steven J. - First appearance with council. Asked for prelim hearing. Bond reduction hearing set on the 28th. Prelim hearing set for May 5th.


13CF0207 - Bennett, Michael K. - Did not appear in court.


14CF0123 - Bennett, Michael K. - Did not appear in court.


09CF0037 - DIlley, Adam L. - Had a post conviction petition. FIled 21401 petition. Filed motion to withdraw as guilty. New court date set for June 7th.


13CF0193 - Dodd, Ashley L. - Denied allegations Requested pretrial. Pretrial set for May 26th.

16CF0015 - Emerson, Nathan M. - Court summons. DId not appear in court. State mentioned how they thought defendant wasn’t aware of court date for 4/12/16.

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