For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases on Friday, April 8th at the Christian County Courthouse.


16CF93 - McKay, Justin M. - Motion to reduce bail. - State stated how state agreed to reduce bond to 10k. Defendant testified stating how he believes he can come up with $500. Defendant argued that if released he could re-gain employment, and that due to lack of previous felony record he’s not a flight risk. Bond reduced to $7500. Matter set for prelim hearing on April 21st.


14CF164 - Carnahan, Amanda R. - Petition to revoke being filed - Stated how defendant failed probation conditions. Defendant requested public defender. Public defender appointed. Defendant asked to be released to have time to get matters in order to attend rehab. Request was denied.


16CF97 - Harris, Audra L. - First appearance - Prelim hearing set for May 12th.

16CF96 - Waddington, Luke W. - First appearance - Prelim hearing set for May 19th.

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