For the Record

These are the results of the following court cases on Thursday, April 7th at the Christian County Courthouse:


2015CF000011 - Felton, Donald R. - Notice to appear April 26th set.


2015CF000238 - Benavides, Anthony D - Requested further pretrial on April 14th. Granted.


2016CF000075 - Cowell, Douglas W - Motion for bond reduction - Douglas Cowell testified. Said if released he would be employed by father, would live with parents, and that he has children to support. Cited former mental health issues. Agreed to home confinement and a GPS monitor with drug testing and regular taking of medication. State opposed motion to reduce bond. Argued that Cowell presents a threat to the protected party, and that that is the reason for bond. Court denied defendents motion for bond reduction stating willingness or inability to confine to court orders.


2015CF000140 - Hoffman, Amanda G - Set date for pre-trial - Pretrial set for May 10th


2016CF000059 - Loflin, Michael P - Prelim Hearing - date set for April 14th. Defending party requested a reduction of bail. Mother testified. Stated that she believes her son is innocent and that she would post his bond, however her son would not stay with her. Michael Lofflin testified. Said if he was released he would be willing to be placed on electronic home confinement and that he would stay with his grandmother. Court denied defendents request for reduction of bail.


2016CF000093 - McKay, Justin M - First appearance - Prelim hearing set for April 21st. Requested hearing for bond reduction. Date set for April 8th.


2016CF000092 - Patnode, Danielle E - Completed detox. Granted deferral. New date set for May 12th


2016CF000042 - Stivers, Robert A - Documents tendered in court. Motion to annoint a private investigator. Motion granted with limit set at $3000. Motion for prelim hearing transcript. Motion for bond reduction. Mr Stivers testified. Stated he wanted bond reduction so he can be with his brother for open heart surgury. State opposed motion, stating that he is charged with aggrivated battery of a child that resulted in the death of a child, hence bond was set appropriately. Court denied request for bond reduction.

2016CF000080 - Natasha Lee - Bond Reduction - Defendant testified. Stated she has no prior criminal record. Said she has friends who could post $500 on a $5000 bond. State wouldn’t agree to $5000 bond. Would agree to a furlough to defendant to an inpaitent treatment facility. Court reduced bond to $15000 and approved furlough upon acceptance to admission of program. Probation ordered to assist defendant in inpatient treatment program. Matter remains set for prelim hearing.

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