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Area Arrests And Accidents 1/9/24

The Christian County Sheriff's Office reported the following to Regional Radio News;


12-29-23 Karen Wilson was traveling north on 1800 East Road (County Highway 7) at about 1632 North. Wilson lost control on the icy bridge and started skidding. Wilson hit the side rail on the west side of the road and continued to skid down an embankment into a deep ditch. Wilson came to stop at the bottom of the ditch where she appeared to hit some downed trees. The vehicle was towed from the scene. No injuries.


1-6-24 Cory Neal was traveling east on IL-RT 104 in Taylorville township. Neal ran off the south side of the road. The vehicle made contact with the ditch embankment before coming to rest and suffered major damage on all sides. The vehicle was towed from the scene and Neal went to the hospital.


1-6-24 Ryan Huttes stated he was traveling westbound on 250 North Road just east of Lake Shore Drive in Pana, IL. Huttes stated he lost control of the vehicle on a hill due to snowy/slushy conditions. Huttes stated after he slid off the roadway he struck a ditch embankment and then a tree. No tow. No injuries.


1-7-24 Jennifer Heise was traveling east on IL Route 104 in South Fork Township when a deer ran into the road. Heise hit the deer with her front bumper, at about Summit Ave. No injuries. No tow.


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