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Cow On The Mooove In Taylorville

The steaks were high on Thursday afternoon when Taylorville Police mooved in to corral an escaped bovine. Police are unsure what the cow's beef was, but they worked hard to make sure it didn't udderly escape. 

Hanging out by Los Rancheros and Kroger, the black beauty played and frolicked in the gravel while police attempted to steer clear of the bull on parade. Authorities say they were not amoosed with the bull and quickly herded Bessie back to where it belonged.  No one was injured in the incident and when the cow was interviewed, he said he escaped because he didn't want to be labeled a cow-herd. 

Miller Media Group Honors Lilly Signs as "Business of the Month"

The Miller Media Group this month is honoring another local business as its "Business of the Month."


Lilly Signs is on West Spresser Street in Taylorville and installed and maintained signs all over Central Illinois for over 20 years.   Owner Jason Lilly and his family founded the business in 1996.



Lilly talked about the number of employees the business has.



Lilly Signs was in a couple of smaller buildings before moving to their present location.



Congratulations to Jason Lilly, owner of Lilly Signs, for being the Miller Media Group "Business of the Month."

Vehicle Crashes Into Home

Taylorville Fire responded to a motor vehicle that went into a house Thursday afternoon in Taylorville around 3 PM.  The driver was extricated and transported to St. John's via Dunn's ambulance.


No one was injured in the accident. Photos courtesy of Taylorville Fire Department. 

Small Town Taylorville

The Taylorville community has come alive in the past years with events that bring citizens closer together. Monthly car shows, new restaurants and retailers all make Taylorville a great place to live. Lee Skinner and Steve Craggs with Small Town Taylorville, appeared on the WTIM Morning Show to discuss the upcoming events that keep the town busy.


Events like the Car Cruise and Customer Appreciation Week are the ways cities like Taylorville gain attention from travelers and businesses. The increased traffic in Downtown Taylorville has translated to more viewership on Small Town Taylorville social media and is seen in growing sales from local businesses.


Gaining attention from surrounding counties brings new faces to the town of Taylorville. Expanding beyond the Christian County borders is exactly what the people with Small Town Taylorville hope to accomplish.


The Local businesses are seeing this growth because of the increased draw to Taylorville. New Possibilities for retail and restaurants will excite developers and attract even more attention to the town.  Sales are up in this quarter and Small Town Taylorville can attribute this to the work they have done to bring new life to the city.


The sky's the limit when it comes to the possibilities of stores and eateries in Taylorville. For information on Small Town Taylorville visit https://smalltowntaylorville.com/

Lee Skinner and Steve Craggs Appeared as guests on the WTIM Morning Show.

U of I Extension Office Helps in the Workplace

Beginning a new job can be stressful for so many people. From learning the different regimens to understanding new coworkers personalities, one can be discouraged while venturing onto a new career path. Valerie Belusko, the Community and Economic Development Educator for the University of Illinois Extension office,  appeared on the WTIM Morning Show to discuss the issues and solutions to starting in a new workplace.


These are simple issues to fix yet many new workers struggle to know their responsibilities. Belusko describes that a new worker might be handling multiple roles. This can bring about confusion and stress for many. 


Knowing what is expected of you in your occupation can be the easy part. Being evaluated and making sure the contributions to the team are enough can be harder to manage, Belusko explains.


Generational differences amongst coworkers can be one of the driving forces in the social and working dynamics in a workplace. Some members of an organization expect one thing while others expect differently. Belusko and the U of I extension office are alleviating these issues by identifying personality traits to plan communication accordingly. This strategy involves placing a color with a personality trait, it is called "Real Colors".


Finding your primary color could be the difference in success and failure in a new career. Valerie Belusko and her team at the U of I Extension office will go into businesses and implement a new way of thinking to make progress in the workforce.

Valerie Belusko appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.


Taylorville Kiwanis Club Accepting Grant Applications from Non-Profit Groups Serving Children, Youth

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is now accepting applications for funding local non-profit organizations and activities that benefit children and youth in the Taylorville community.


The Club already funds high school and YMCA scholarships each year, but many times there are other requests for funding that come to the Kiwanis Board at various times of the year.


This effort is to request those organizations and events, to formally apply for funding.  Any application must be centered on how local children and youth will benefit.


This is the third consecutive year that the Club is accepting applications to provide grants to other non-profits in the Taylorville that have a similar mission to the Kiwanis Club, to benefit local youngsters.  


The application is available HERE.  Deadline for applications to be received is September 15th, which is a change in date from past years.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.     

Illinois 4-H Making Call For Alumni

The Illinois 4-H is making a call for alumni!  New identification campaign called “4-H Grown” is promoting alumni of the 4-H to show some of the faces of the over 25 million Americans who share a unique bond. The campaign will run from June 1st through August 31st and any alumni not yet registered for the alumni association are encouraged to register for a free Illinois 4-H Alumni Association membership.  Tina Veal, a 4-H Constituent and Engagement Manager says that 4-H alumni know the impact made on youth and the hope is that they will continue to create a lifelong connection to support the next generation of leaders. 


You can show your support for your local 4-H program by those who aren’t registered as a member registering.  First place for the county that registers the most will receive $300, second place $200, and third place $100 towards local program support. Individuals who register will be entered into a drawing to receive one of four prizes of $50 in credit towards Illinois 4-H alumni apparel. 


To register and reconnect with Illinois 4-H individuals are encouraged to visit go.illinois.edu/4halum. Members will be kept current on the Illinois 4-H program, learn about alumni opportunities to engage, and receive a quarterly newsletter.  The Illinois 4-H Alumni Association was established in 2016 and sought members to build a network of 4-H alums throughout Illinois and beyond. 

Senator Elgie Sims Praises Budget Signing

Majority Caucus Appropriations Leader Senator Elgie R. Sims, Jr. (D-Chicago) says that he is thrilled with Governor JB Pritzker signing the budget. Senator Sims says that the budget is built upon strong, smart, spending decisions, and will lead to better credit upgrades.  He says to not let anyone tell you that the budget is not moving Illinois forward.



Senator Sims says the priority is to continue a principled and disciplined approach to keep the fiscal house in order. The Governor signed the budget on Wednesday afternoon.

TPD To Host Fishing With Offishers

The Taylorville Police Department will be holding an event on Friday, June 16th. Fishing With Offishers will take place to teach children about the benefits of fishing and being involved with nature. Taylorville Police Officer Kirsten Beaman says that the event will take place at the Lake Taylorville Marina at 5:30 PM. 



Officer Beaman says that they will have gear on-site, but they are encouraging people who want to attend to bring their own if they have it. 



Registration is not necessary. 



Monetary Donations will be accepted to help support future projects and upcoming fishing events.  There will be prizes given as well. Visit the TPD Facebook Page for more information on the event. 

HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital Golf Outing

The HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital in Shelbyville presents their inaugural golf outing, at the Eagle Creek Golf Course in Findlay, On Friday, June 23rd, starting at 11:00 A.M. promptly with a shotgun start. Registration and breakfast for the outing will be from 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. 

The Good Shepherd Foundation holds events like these in order to fund the new equipment that is needed. This golf outing will supply the HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital with 3D mammography equipment. 

Funds will be collected through sponsors of the event, team play, and sponsors for individual holes and golf carts. HSHS Good Shepherd is accepting any and all donations at this time.

Joel Fletcher, the Good Shepherd Foundation Director says, "We are so happy to bring this golf outing to the Shelby County community. It's a day where folks can get out, enjoy nature, play some golf and give back to the hospital."

Do not forget to stay after the golf outing to enjoy the cookout and prize giveaway.

For specific questions regarding the Good Shepherd Foundation you can call    217-855-9505

And for information on HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital visit, hshsgoodshepherd.org

Illinois Attorney General Warns Residents of Unsolicited Email and Text Scams

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul has issued a strong warning to residents of the state, urging them to be cautious of scammers employing unsolicited email and text messages to deceive consumers into sharing personal and financial information. Raoul emphasized the importance of staying vigilant against these unsolicited messages and encouraged individuals to report such incidents to his office for further investigation.


These unsolicited messages often take the form of email or text message scams. Email scams usually involves scammers sending deceptive emails, tricking recipients into divulging personal or confidential information. Similarly, Text message scamming is a method where scammers send deceptive text messages to dupe cell phone users in the same manner. These fraudulent messages may contain harmful links or software that can compromise personal information stored on phones or computers. Raoul's office has advised consumers to refrain from clicking on any links in unsolicited emails or texts and to delete such messages immediately.


Attorney General Raoul emphasized that consumers should exercise caution when confronted with unsolicited emails or text messages that request personal or financial information. He stated, "Government agencies will not request sensitive personal information via an email or text message." Raoul warned against responding to these messages, even if the phone number appears to be local or the email address seems familiar. In case of suspicion, he advised reaching out to the relevant business or agency through their official website's contact information.


To assist consumers in safeguarding themselves against scammers, Raoul provided a set of tips to follow. These include refraining from sharing personal or financial information unless the recipient is known and the purpose is clear, being cautious of suspicious contacts and verifying their legitimacy through official websites, refraining from immediate action in response to urgent requests, avoiding opening links or attachments from unsolicited messages, not responding to suspicious text messages, reporting suspicious emails or text messages to appropriate authorities, and promptly blocking senders and deleting messages after reporting.


By remaining cautious and adopting these recommended measures, consumers can protect themselves from falling victim to unsolicited email and text scams, thereby ensuring their personal and financial information remains secure.


If you believe you have been the victim of identity theft or other fraud, Raoul encourages you to file a complaint on the Attorney General's website, review the identity theft online resources and call Raoul's toll-free Identity Theft Hotline at 866-999-5630. 

HSHS Medical Group Offering Sports Screenings

HSHS Medical Group are now scheduling school and sports physicals for children 18 and younger.  If your child needs a physical this year, schedule an appointment well before the sports season or school year begins. 


School physicals or annual well child visits are when your physician or provider track your child’s growth and development, perform screenings, and take preventive measures by giving your child age-appropriate immunizations.  Your physician can also answer any questions you may have about your child’s health. 


If your child plays sports, there’s a good chance that he or she will have to submit a medical eigibility form signed by a physician or provider.  During the screening, your physician will review the child’s complete health history, perform an orthopedic screening, examine the heart and lungs, and make sure the student is at his or her best to compete. 


You can call your local family medicine physician or pediatrician’s office to schedule your appointment.  School and sports physicals are available at select HSHS Medical Group walk-in locations for a $20 flat fee excluding vaccinations.  To view a complete list of walk-in locations click here

Taylorville Memorial Hospital Colleague of the Month

A new Colleague of the Month has been named for a Taylorville Memorial Hospital faculty. This month, Pamela "Pam" Williams, an Acute Care nurse in Taylorville, took home the award for the month of May. 

Pam Williams fit the criteria for Colleague of the Month perfectly, Memorial Health Hospital notes that "Williams brings a positive and compassionate attitude to work everyday. She works with Patients and Colleagues to create and maintain a safe work environment."

Recently, Williams went the extra mile and helped a patient to their car after treatment, a task that is not on their agenda, but that is the care that sets healthcare workers like Pamela Williams apart from everyone else. 

Williams has worked diligently with Taylorville Memorial Hospital since 1998.

To learn more about the Colleague of the Month visit, https://memorial.health/about-us/professionals/colleagues/com/

Christian County Waste Management

Waste management and landfill upkeep are factors that silently hold communities together. Citizens can make it easier on trash collectors by knowing what to throw in the trash and what to dispose of in other ways. To learn more about this, Shawn Hammers, the Director of Christian County Solid Waste Management, appeared on the WTIM Morning Show to discuss what can and cannot go to the landfill, the services Solid Waste Management provide, and how to be a more environmentally conscious member of the community.


The Christian County Solid Waste Management team is available to take away the items that would not normally be acceptable for the trash. Shawn Hammers dives into the waste to leave for the professionals.


Shawn Hammers describes their that the partnership with the IEPA has allowed for grant money that goes towards the services they provide.


Electronics, tires, and appliances are all items to avoid leaving by the curb. This waste will contaminate the landfill system and could put local wildlife in danger. BLH computers in Taylorville will kindly take your old electronics from local citizens, so they can be disposed of properly. Central Illinois residents may have an excess of old tires, tires are yet another item that can not be disposed of regularly.


The best way to reach Christian County Solid Waste Management is through their office, at 217-287-2334.

A new FaceBook page has been started for CC Solid Waste Management where updates can be posted, follow at Christian County Illinois Solid Waste Management.

Memorial Health And Illinois College Announce Partnership

Memorial Health and Illinois College have announced a partnership aimed at relieving the long-term regional nursing shortage by expanding capacity in the college’s nursing program. Memorial Health has pledged $4 million to help Illinois College educate more students in the bachelor of science in nursing program, as well as students enrolled in pre-nursing studies.  Memorial also has partnerships with U of I Chicago-Springfield, Lincoln Land CC, ISU Mennonite College of Nursing, and Richland Community College.


The BSN program at Illinois College currently graduates around 20 nurses every year.  The partnership is expected to help boost those numbers to 100 within the next five years, by expanding facilities, and adding new nursing faculty.  Half o fthe funds Memorial has pledged to IC will go toward student scholarships, aimed at making nursing education more affordable. 


Illinois College President Barbara Farley says that she is excited to partner with Memorial Health. She says it will help increase enrollment and provide high-quality learning experiences.  Many graduates have gone on to have careers at Memorial Health and Jacksonville Memorial Hospital.


Memorial Health President and CEO Ed Curtis says that educational partnerships are an essential component of Memorial’s long-term strategy to strengthen the local health care workforce. Marsha Prater, senior vice president and chief nursing officer at Memorial Health says more than 80,000 students interested in nursing were turned away from nursing programs in 2019 alone due to lack of capacity.  She hopes that with these facility increases, more will become enrolled.

Representative Halbrook To Host Town Hall In Taylorville

State Representative Brad Halbrook is hosting a End of Session Town Hall in Christian County on June 15th at the Taylorville Public Library.  He will discuss state issues and other concerns.  The event will take place from 7 to 8:30 PM on Thursday, June 15th.  Taylorville Public Library is at 121 West Vine Street, in Taylorville.  


Representative Halbrook says “With our overtime spring session now completed we have a lot to talk about…the budget, Democrat gun bans and tax increase plans, and other critical issues. We also need to talk about what wasn’t allowed to be discussed in the House, such as ethics reforms to stop the corruption.  As always, I want to hear your thoughts and ideas.”


Local residents are always welcome to call his offices and set up an appointment.  In Shelbyville visit 203 North Cedar Street or call 217-774-1306.  In Effingham, visit 304 East Jefferson Avenue, Suite A, or call 217-342-0220.  Both offices are open by appointment only.  There will be more Town Hall dates and locations in the coming months. 

First United Methodist Church Taylorville Holds Public Open House at New Ministry Center

The First United Methodist Church in Taylorville opened their new 12-thousand 400-square foot Ministry Center to the public during an Open House Sunday afternoon.  

The event was broadcast live on WMKR Genuine Country 94-point-3 and WRAN groovy 97-point-3.


The co-chair of the church's Strategic Planning Team that turned the building's idea into a reality, Jim Brubaker, told listeners it was meant to serve the congregation and community both today and for decades to come.



Pastor Becky Lemke wrapped up Sunday afternoon's broadcast being pleased about the turnout.



The new Ministry Center will be available for community events as well as to extend the church's many ministries for children, youth, and adults.

Local Food Pantries

May is the biggest month of the year for food pantries and with the increased traffic means more donations are needed. Amy Hagen from the Taylorville Food Pantry and Brooke Dunn from the Central Illinois Food bank appeared on the WTIM Morning Show to explain how to donate, the inventory needed to supply food pantries and the challenges that come with feeding struggling families.


The total of 55,441 pounds is a record breaking donation weight for the food pantry. There has been growth in the number of households the pantries provide for, which means more donations are needed. Donating now is easier than ever, as you do not have to be a member.


There is a reason May is the busiest time of the year for food pantries. The summer months mean no more school breakfast or lunches to hold kids over while enjoying their summer vacation. The burden is on the parents to ensure three meals are ready for their children.


The efforts from the community are alive and well, Brooke Dunn, out of the Central Illinois Food Bank says donations from the surrounding communities along with Prairie Farms are keeping the shelves filled.


Benefits that have been cut causes rising numbers of people that need food pantry aid. Amy Hagen explains that the food pantries are serving as they are supposed to but the trends say more donations could be necessary.


To learn how to donate and for any information visit, http://taylorvillefoodpantry.com/, they are located 1429 East Main Cross.

To find out more about the Central Illinois Food bank go to, https://www.centralilfoodbank.org/

Scovill Zoo

Trips to the Zoo are one of the many summertime activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Scovill Zoo in Decatur has up-coming holiday events, free admission days, and the members of the animal kingdom that will make memories. Ken Frye, the director of Scovill Zoo, came on the WTIM Morning show with a special guest, Pugsly, a 2 year old American Alligator that Frye held and demonstrated on during our time in the newsroom. 


An alligator anatomy lesson and how the species persists in the wild are just some of the things Ken Frye brought to speak about. This summer is filled with events in and out of the zoo. The Mobile Zoo Program takes these exotic animals on the road and in front of eyes that may not be able to see the animals within the zoo limits.


Scovill Zoo is open from April to October. With many events to look forward to during the summer months, one of those are free admission days. Every Thursday until October 5th, the gates of Scovill Zoo are open, free to the public.


This fathers day Scovill Zoo is honoring the dads with $2 dollar admission for the whole family, or every person in the party. Ken Frye explains that this is a nice way to get the whole family into the Zoo without breaking the bank.


Do not miss any of the upcoming dates for the Scovill Zoo by visiting ScovillZoo.com.

And for live updates you can visit their Facebook page at Scovill Zoo.

American Red Cross Blood Donation

Donating blood is a routine for some and a rarity for others. Some do not realize just how much of an impact that can have on someone else's life by just donating one pint of blood. To learn more about the need for blood donations The WTIM Morning Show was joined by Julie Bly, a member of the American Red Cross Association, to speak on why donating blood is so important, who it can help, and the quick and painless sign up it takes to make a difference.


A way to connect to the blood donation program is by using the app. The app is titled Blood Donation American Red Cross, with this, a donor can track their donation to see who it is going to and how it is helping. This presents a new reason for why donating is important.


Connecting with a person you are able to help through your donation is what keeps patrons coming back.  The need for blood donations is constant. With summer beginging, this is the busiest time for Julie Bly and the American Red Cross.


Making it personal is what worked for Julie Bly when it comes to finding the motivation to donate. The American Red Cross is also introducing promotions for donating. From a gift card to backyard movie theater night, you can get something tangible out of donating.


For all the information on donating to the American Red Cross visit, https://www.redcrossblood.org/. 

And to contact Julie Bly directly you can call, 217- 663- 4343.

Fire Destroys Attached Garage In Langleyville

A structure fire consumed an attached garage with an extension into a residence on Tuesday evening.  At 6:40 PM, Taylorville Fire was dispatched for a structure fire in the 200 block of Vollentine.  When crews arrived, they found the garage had heavy fire coming from inside.  After attacking the fire, firefighters were able to limit the fire spread to the garage with minor damage to an interior room.  


Firefighters say they brought it under control within 8 minutes.  No injuries to civilians or firefighters were reported.  Taylorville Fire was assisted with mutual aid from Owaneco, Edinburg, Midland, Dunn's Ambulance, Christian County Sheriff's Office, and Ameren.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation.  All photos courtesy of the Taylorville Fire Department. 




Members Open New First United Methodist Church Taylorville Ministry Center to Public

Members of the First United Methodist Church in Taylorville, opened their new 12-thousand 400-square foot Ministry Center to the public for the first time on Sunday during an Open House.   The event was broadcast live on WMKR Genuine Country 94-point-3 and WRAN groovy 97-point-3.


Long-time member of both the church and the local Optimist Club Terry Wright, told listeners that 2 Optimist Club events used the new building even before its Public Open House on Sunday.




A member of the church's Strategic Planning Team that worked to turn the Ministry Center idea into reality, Jeff Maxfield, told listeners on Sunday safety and security were the main reasons the church decided to build.



The new Ministry Center can seat up to 240 people at round tables or 500 without, has a state-of-the-art audio and video system, and is set up to play a variety of sports.

Taylorville Kiwanis Reviews Committee Activities for Children and Youth at Weekly Meeting

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club reviewed committee activities in their ongoing efforts to benefit children and youth in the Taylorville community, at the club’s weekly meeting on Tuesday at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.


Kiwanis Priority One chair Bruce Blanshan reported the May 20th annual Bike Rodeo, co-sponsored by Kiwanis, Taylorville Memorial Hospital, and the Christian County YMCA, went well with each participant receiving a new bike.


Blanshan added a Car Seat Safety Day is planned for June 24th at the Taylorville Fire House from 9am to noon, and the club’s annual Kid’s Day fund raiser at the Harrison Corner and Wal-Mart is set for September 22nd and 23rd.


Kiwanis treasurer Blain Cornwell reported that the April 29 Kiwanis Pancake and Sausage Breakfast netted the club just over 3-thousand dollars for local projects for children and youth.   Incoming Kiwanis president Chuck Martin chaired the event.


Cornwell also reported the local club will again be manning gates at the Illinois State Fair in August, as another fund-raiser.


4 members fro the Decatur Early Bird Kiwanis Club were guests at Tuesday’s Taylorville Kiwanis meeting.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.   

Third Annual Tanner Mitchell Electrician Apprenticeship Scholarship

Shawn and Connie Mitchell along with the community honor and remeber the late Tanner James Mitchell with the annual Tanner Mitchell Electrician Apprenticeship Scholarship. This is the third annual award that gives a new electrician the support they need for the beginning costs of their occupation.

This year the Tanner Mitchell Electrician Apprentice Scholarship went to Noah Marlow of Shelbyville. Noah was awarded a $2000 Scholarship with the IBEW 146 Midstate Electrical Training Center. 

Noah Marlow, the winner of this year's scholarship, displayed excellent work ethic and stellar performance on the job everyday, making him the perfect candidate and winner of the third annual Apprentice Scholarship.

Noah will begin his work with the IBEW 146 Midstate Electrical training center in the fall.

Shawn and Connie Mitchell thank everyone who has supported the apprenticeship and scholarship funds while they look too keep this Scholarship award a tradition for many years to come.

First United Methodist Church Taylorville Hosts Public Open House at New Ministry Center

A great crowd from Taylorville and Christian County attended Sunday afternoon's  First United Methodist Church in Taylorville held a Public Open House for their new Ministry Center.   The event was broadcast live on WMKR Genuine Country 94-point-3 and WRAN groovy 97-point-3.


Youth Director Jamie Brachear told listeners during the live broadcast the new building offers lots of new ministry opportunities.




Architect for the project, Dennis Schuette of Staunton, shared with listeners Sunday afternoon he was pleased to work with the project's committee co-chair Jim Brubaker.



The Public Open House was held Sunday, after the church held a consecreation service for the new building in May.


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