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Taylorville School Board Holds May Meeting

The Taylorville School Board met Tuesday evening to celebrate their retirees, honor their graduates, look at updates on the gym and classroom additions, and discuss the performing arts center at their monthly meeting. Tracie Boehme spoke during public comments and urged the board to do something with the art program for the elementary school.  She was very concerned about space as it appears the art program will be moving from a classroom to “art on a cart” that will go to various rooms instead of an actual classroom.  This is in part due to smaller classroom sizes. 



The board said they would discuss art options moving forward. The board received a construction update from Jeff Pflederer, Project Manager with Midwest Construction on the gym and classroom addition at THS.  



There was a heavy discussion on the performing arts center. Tom Finks asked for a discussion in the future for future development and construction of a performing arts center. Finks said he didn’t see what the issue was with having a discussion.  Ann Chandler said it was too early for a discussion. 



After much discussion, a decision was made to set up a future discussion on the performing arts center. The list of seniors eligible for graduation was approved. Updates were approved for both the Junior High, High School, and Elementary Schools. 


A ceremony was held for retirees including Jacqueline Foil—20 years, Lynn Durham—34 years, Melissa Williams—23 years, Diane Wilham—33 years, Jean Ninmer—23 years, Sara Pennock—30 years, Tracie Boehme—31 years, Deon McConnell—25 years, Lynn Dexheimer—8 years, Katie Dubre—30 years, and Connie Beaman—13 years.  We here at Regional Radio News, salute all of the retirees and graduates!

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