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Missions For Taylorville Announces Volunteer and Home Service Applications

Missions for Taylorville is sending out the call to fill out volunteer and home service applications for their biannual workday, providing carpentry, painting, yard work, window washing, gutter cleaning, and miscellaneous services to community members. People assisting homeowners in need by giving a helping hand is at the core of Missions for Taylorville’s values.

Yolanda Marucco, a task force Member of Missions for Taylorville says in faith-based mission trips, the work is often taken overseas, Missions For Taylorville looks to solve various home and land issues locally and volunteers can come from all backgrounds, not just a ministry.


In past years of workdays for Missions for Taylorville, over 100 volunteers arrived at Calvary Baptist Church to learn their assignment for the day. June 1st is set as Missions For Taylorville workday and Marucco says some volunteers get an early start on their tasks.


Marucco says Missions For Taylorville is hosting a meeting on Monday, April 22nd at 6:00 p.m. at Davis Memorial Christian Church. The meeting is open to anyone interested in volunteering or having services applied to a home.

Applications for work that needs to be done on a home or to volunteer to complete that task are due by Monday, April 13th.

Applications and information can be found by calling 217-824-8181, by email at, missionsfortaylorville@gmail.com, or on Facebook at missionsfortaylorville.

Yolanda Marucco appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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