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Learning the Importance of CT Scans for Heart Health

In line with Heart Health Awareness Month this February, HSHS St. Mary's Hospital and Prairie Cardiovascular are urging individuals to prioritize their heart health by scheduling a heart scan. These heart screenings, conducted swiftly and without pain on a CT scanner, are instrumental in identifying early signs of coronary artery buildup, a precursor to heart disease.


Sheri Barnett, DNP, APRN, And a representative from Prairie Cardiovascular, emphasized the critical role of early detection in managing heart disease, saying the best way to treat heart disease is by detecting it early so that citizens can make lifestyle changes or get further testing or treatment to prevent more serious issues.


Individuals with specific risk factors, including a family history of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, being overweight, or being a smoker, are particularly encouraged to consider undergoing a heart scan.


A noteworthy piece of information is that no physician order is necessary for this screening, which is available at an affordable rate of $42. 


For further details about HSHS St. Mary's Hospital, visit their website at stmarysdecatur.com. Notably, Prairie Cardiovascular recognized nationally and comprising the largest group of cardiologists in the tri-state region, operates as an affiliate of the Hospital Sisters Health System. To learn more about the medical professionals at Prairie Cardiovascular, individuals can visit prairieheart.org. Those interested can easily schedule a heart scan by calling 217-464-2976, with appointments typically available within three weeks.

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