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Limiting Holiday Stress With Ed Lacheta

Situational stress is a side effect of the busy holiday months and strain is put on the local community through personal relationships, work, and finances. Ed Lacheta, Mental Health expert with Shelby County Community Services says that there are ways to lessen the feelings of stress during the season that is supposed to be filled with joy.

Lacheta says this time of year reminds many of family members who have passed away, bringing about feelings of sadness, he continues by saying these feelings are natural and actually healthy for all humans to experience.


There are many ways to ward off the stressful effects of the winter season and Lacheta recommends staying connected to your family and community.


Just because the Christmas season provides joy for many, those feelings of glee are not meant to be permanent, says Lacheta. He says finding ways to celebrate with family or friends over a Zoom call is becoming more common.


Mental health services are available by phone at 988, a crisis line open 24/7.

Ed Lacheta appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show, live from our downtown studios in Shelbyville.

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