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Taylorville City Council Meets; Praises FFA, Raises Penalties For Businesses That Sells Tobacco To Minors

Taylorville City Council met on Monday evening and recognized the FFA, approved ordinances and discussed old and new business.  Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry praised the FFA for their work at Nationals proclaiming November 20th as FFA day. 



The number of liquor licenses being limited was approved.  Aldermen Jim Olive and Megan Bryant voted no on the motion. An ordinance to increase the fee for cigarette and tobacco dealer’s licenses was discussed. The motion was changed to read that fees were increased to just $500 and not $3000.  The motion was unanimously approved. A motion was also approved that any organization found selling to minors would receive a first offense $750 fine, 2nd offense of $750 plus the remainder of the license year unless there are only 30 days left on the license, then it is 30 or 90 days whichever is longer, and 3rd offense is $750 plus a lifetime ban. The motion passed unanimously. 


A motion was also approved to restrict advertisements, banners, and signage for licensed premises of cigarette and tobacco licenses.  Stop signs were approved for Knute Rockne Drive and Western Avenue and BDD agreements were approved as well. 


Also under ordinances, materials were approved along with airport project services for the Taylorville airport. Under committee reports, the council approved a purchase for a riding lawn mower, a workers comp policy renewal, a levy that has to be filed every year, and motions approving ordinances for remote meetings attendance and city building codes. 


The council went into closed session to discuss salary negotiations. 

The next City Council meeting is set for December 4th. 

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