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City Of Taylorville Grapples With Nicotine Sales To Minors

The growing popularity of electronic nicotine vaporizers has led to the selling of vape products to minors in the community. A new Taylorville City Council ordinance will look to increase the yearly Tobacco and Nicotine licenses from $100 per year to $3,000 per year. In further ordinances concerning the sale of nicotine vapes, first-time offenders of selling nicotine products to minors will receive a $750 fine, a second-time offense will cause a suspension of license for 90 days, and a third-time offense will result in a loss of licensure for the remainder of the year.

Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry and the Taylorville City Council are taking swift action to end the sale of these nicotine products to people under the age of 21 in Taylorville.


Mayor Barry says he and the Taylorville City Council can not legislate morality but keeping the children's best interest in mind is what they can do.


The Taylorville City Council will also review an ordinance that concerns the digital displays that vape stores in Taylorville use to market products.

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