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Thanksgiving Costs Slightly Down In 2023

Food prices are getting higher and higher, but according to an American Farm Bureau Thanksgiving Cost Survey, the average cost of a traditional Thanksgiving meal is actually down slightly compared to 2022. IFB volunteer shoppers reported to a state-wide average price of $63.87 for a classic holiday feast for 10, or around $6.39 per person.  This reflects a 2.5% decrease over last year’s average of $65.53.


AFBF or American Farm Bureau Federation reported a national average of $61.17 or less than $6.20 per person, for a classic holiday feast for 10 which is a 4.5% decrease from last year’s record of $64.05.  Thanksgiving meals are still 25% higher than it was in 2019, highlighting how much high supply costs and inflation have touched the market. 


As far as turkey’s go, the national average price for a 16 pound turkey is $27.35 which is down 5.6% from last year.  Farm Bureau volunteer shoppers included turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls with butter, peas, cranberries, a veggie tray, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream along with leftovers for a group of 10.  


In recognition of changes to Thanksgiving dinner traditions, the Farm Bureau price survey also includes boneless ham, Russet potatoes, and frozen green beans in an expanded menu.  Adding these foods to a classic Thanksgiving menu increased the cost by $23.58 to $84.75.  245 surveys were completed with pricing data from all 50 states and Puerto Rico for the national average cost.  The midwest was the cheapest, followed by the south, the west, and the northeast. 

Individual Prices

  •     16-pound turkey: $27.35 or $1.71 per pound (down 5.6%)
  •     14-ounces of cubed stuffing mix: $3.77 (down 2.8%)
  •     2 frozen pie crusts: $3.50 (down 4.9%)
  •     Half pint of whipping cream: $1.73 (down 22.8%)
  •     1 pound of frozen peas: $1.88 (down 1.1%)
  •     1 dozen dinner rolls: $3.84 (up 2.9%)
  •     Misc. ingredients to prepare the meal: $3..95 (down 4.4%)
  •     30-ounce can of pumpkin pie mix: $4.44 (up 3.7%)
  •     1 gallon of whole milk: $3.74 (down 2.6%)
  •     3 pounds of sweet potatoes: $3.97 (up .3%)
  •     1-pound veggie tray (carrots & celery): $.90 (up 2.3%)
  •     12-ounce bag of fresh cranberries: $2.10 (down 18.3%)

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