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Taylorville School Board Gains Ground On Building Project

The Taylorville School Board of Education held their regular monthly last night at the district office located at 1120 North Sportsman Drive in Taylorville. The main discussion centered around the Taylorville High School building project in which the board had narrowed the options from the architects down to option A- a larger version of the facilities with phase one completing the gymnasium first and the performing arts wing in phase 2. And Option B- a smaller version, using less funds with plans to expand the facilities in the future.

Board members Tom Finks and Dr. Ron Mizer were strongly opposed to the motion placed by Ann Chandler to move on option A, sending the architects to continue plans for the design of option A to begin the bidding process.

Taylorville School Board President, Brenda Patrick said that the board was nearing a critical moment where decisions needed to be made for the benefit of the high school students who are operating with less room than is required.

Tom Finks and Dr. Ron Mizer were very outspoken on the fact that the performing arts center was being forgotten and the facilities would not be adequate. Board member Tom Finks describes the direction he sees the board moving in.


A motion was set by Finks to table the discussion for one week to look over the funds, this motion was voted “No” with Finks and Dr. Mizer voting “Yes”.

In an effort to get plans moving for the students of Taylorville High School, Patrick concluded the conversation by saying that the facts and data were deeply considered by the board, focus committee, and building committee, and the plans to move forward with option A- with phase one completing the gymnasium and phase two the performing arts center, on a larger scale, was the best route. The Motion passed with Dr.Mizer and Tom Finks Voting "No". The motion to Move forward with option A- construction of the gymnasium in phase one and the performing arts center in stage two was passed 5 to 2.

The Next Taylorville School Board meeting is set for November 14th.

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