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Taylorville Park Board Meets for Monthly Meeting

The Taylorville Park Board met on Monday evening at the Manners Park Dining Hall for their regular monthly meeting. The board approved minutes and the Treasurer's Report.


The board then discussed a pool trespassing incident. Issues have arisen regarding pressing charges due to the new Safety Act, as explained by board member Roy Manasco.



The discussion then shifted to the skate park, where the park board received a bid for the concrete pouring required for its construction. The current fundraising efforts fall short of the estimate. There was talk about the park board adding funds to support the skate park, but this idea was quickly dismissed because the project was always meant to be non-park district funded.


Following that, the board reviewed reports, including one presented by Recreational Director Bailey Hancock. Hancock discussed the conclusion of youth football activities and outlined upcoming events for the holiday season.



Hancock also mentioned that the OSLAD grant had been submitted for the new pool. The board expects to learn the outcome of the grant application on December 15th, 2023.


The next park board meeting is scheduled for October 23rd.

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