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Sidcor Laser Engraving Looks To Employ Disabled Vets

A custom engravement can add personal value or unique characteristics that make that item stand out. Wallace Dandridge is the owner of Sidcor Laser Engraving and has been in business for about two years. It took some time for Dandridge to learn the tricks of the engraving trade and now produces custom-engraved pieces for just about anything and everyone.

From plastic to metal to even leather and denim, Sidcor Laser Engraving has been transforming normal objects like water bottles and tools into pieces that are meaningful. Dandridge spoke about his process of getting the business up and running.


Wallace Dandridge served in the US. Military and says that learning this trade has caused him to excel mentally. Now Dandridge looks to pay it forward by setting out to employ disabled veterans so they can find the same success that Dandridge has seen. Not only has this journey of engraving healed Dandridge, but he says that he learned a new skill, one that could be beneficial to any veteran looking to get back into the workforce.


Dandridge knows how difficult it can be for a disabled veteran to rejoin the workforce, especially when an employer may not be as knowledgeable about what that new worker is going through. Dandridge has seen both sides of the issue, from low self-esteem and not finding a true calling, to achieving success through trial and error with laser engraving.



Now that Dandridge is in a position to employ, he is looking to make a difference in a community that sometimes needs the extra help. Bringing aid to disabled veterans in the form of employment is something Dandridge is pleased to do.

To learn more about Sidcor Laser engraving or for opportunities with the business, you can contact Wallace Dandridge at 217-638-9159, or visit the website at sidcorlaserengraving.com/.

Wallace Dandridge appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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