Police Blotter

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests and accidents to Regional Radio News on Friday:


54 year old Molly Grigsby of Taylorville was arrested on Thursday on a charge of possession of methamphetamine.


30 year old Michael Ralston of Witt was arrested on Thursday on a charge of retail theft.


62 year old Richard Reber and 90 year old Grace Hoffman were in a car accident on July 3rd around 1 oclock in the afternoon. According to the report, Reber was traveling northbound on S. Cherokee Street in Taylorville. Reber said that he stopped at the four-way stop at Cherokee Street and E. Main Cross Street, and did not see anyone. He then turned left onto E. Main Cross Street where Hoffman was walking across the street. The report states that Reber says he hit his brakes, but not before running into Hoffman. There was no damage to Reber’s vehicle, and Hoffman was transported to Springfield Memorial Hospital for treatment.


Main Office: