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On Tuesday the Christian County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News.


43 year old Steven M. Frazier of Taylorville was arrested Monday for domestic battery.




22 year old Cody J. Brush of Mattoon stated he was westbound on County Road 6, when he lost control on the road due to the slushy road conditions, and began sliding across the roadway. Brush said he slid into the eastbound lane, causing 39 year old Andrea L. Tomasello of Taylorville to strike the side of his vehicle. Tomasello said she could not stop to avoid the accident. No injuries were reported.


35 year old Dana J. Wiseman of Stonington was westbound on Township Road 1700 North. Wiseman said she lost control of her vehicle on the snow covered roadway, slid across the road sideways, and struck the ditch on the south side of the road causing the vehicle to roll. One passenger was taken to Taylorville Memorial Hospital to be treated for non life threatening injuries.


On March 12th 35 year old Jaime L. Ulmer of Taylorville was facing east, stopped at the light at Spresser and Webster in Taylorville. 42 year old Nichole Spain of Taylorville was heading east on Spresser when she failed to reduce speed and rear-ended Ulmer. No injuries were reported.

58 year old Michael D. Neal of Taylorville was backing from a parking space on the south side of the Taylorville Square. Neal said there were vehicles parked along side of him, obstructing his view. Neal backed out, and struck 82 year old Mel L. Hurelbrink of Taylorville on the inside lane of traffic. Hurelbrink was traveling around the square, and said Neal backed into his vehicle. No injuries were reported.

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