Police Blotter

On Tuesday the Christian County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests to Regional Radio News.


40 year old Daniel E. Hall of Pana was arrested Monday on a bond forfeiture warrant with bond set at $5,000.


25 year old Jamaal S. Jackson of Decatur was arrested Monday on an original arrest warrant for contempt of court with bond set at $1,500.




62 year old Douglas E. Meyer of Taylorville was heading east on IL Rt. 48, and struck a deer that had run into the roadway. No injuries were reported.

76 year old Anita M. Daly of Taylorville Stated she went to turn into Wendys in Taylorville and turned in front of 48 year old Tony E Wallace of Tower Hill. Daly did not think that Wallace made contact with her. Wallace stated that Daly turned from the outside lane across his lane, forcing him to swerve to the right, going over the curb, and scraping the Wendy’s entry sign. Wallace stated he thought he made contact with Daly but could not find visible damage on either vehicle. No injuries were reported.

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